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WARING some competitor bail companies claim to be BAIL HAWAII and/or Bail Now are not! 

There have been legal representations made by Derick Kaina, Matt McGill, Jonah Zbiciak and Chris Zbiciak that are false and misleading.  The State of Hawaii prohibits a bail bondsman from acting as an attorney or providing legal representation or advise.  Their representations that you do not have to pay for or comply with your surety contract that you or your cosigner have signed is false.  Their whole claim that Pete Black is on the "run" is a false.  In fact check this link out about who is on the run.  Http:// That having to pay your bill is a "scam" is false.  Bottom line is that you owe what you owe by having benefited from the bond or creating expenses by failure to appear. 

None of these individuals making these claims provided you a bail bond on our behalf.  The bond was provided for you by Bail Now not them.  If your bond is active it is still valid.  Your agreement with us is as well.  It is a gross legal misrepresentation that you will not have to pay any debt associated with these bonds.  These individuals are attempting legal advise representing that if you show for a litigation initiated by us that no one will be there from Bail Now having your case dismissed.  This is incorrect and was provided to you in poor judgement.  You must understand that your irresponsibility is what got you here and will continue to follow you. This desire to take the easy way out will get you no where.

This is what will happen if you fail to pay your bill:
1.  Your account will be sent to Maui Collection Agency.  If you do not pay them we will litigate.
2.  If your bond is active it will be cancelled.  Because of the representations made by these individuals we will not honor any agreement not to cancel your bond.  They just want you to have to pay for a new one.  You will not continue to get a free ride.
3.  If we have had to pay any forfeiture you and your cosigner will be taxed on a 1099 basis for the loss you created.
4.  You will still be you.  An individual that has no character or substance.  You life will continue to be on a losing tract being held hostage to misguidance with eminent failure.  Your actions will only hurt yourself.

Liars are losers and losers are liars.  Take advise from liars and you will be a loser.

For all the honorable decent responsible clients God Bless You and may you blessed throughout your days.
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